You create memories... We preserve them

Do you want to capture decades of memories onto DVD's?


Are you looking for quality service?


Do you need audio and video equipment for a special occasion?


We are the solution!!

About Us

We have been in the video business since 1967. We strive to provide our customers with service that meets and even exceeds their expectations.


We provide DVD’S and CD’S to meet our customers needs with quick turn around times. Because of our versatility, we can digitally video your event, do the necessary editing to produce the finished masters, then make the necessary copies that you need.


We also rent the equipment you would need for any presentation or viewing by small or large groups.


We presently have the ability to take 8mm film and convert it digitally into DVD;S Mini DV’S, or DV Cam tapes. This is done by the latest digital film projector available.



Video Formats to DVD:


    -  3/4"

    -  Betamax

    -  VHS

    -  S-VHS

    -  8 mm

    -  High 8

    -  Digital 8

    -  Mini DV

    -  Beta SP

    -  DV Cam




 Film to VHS, Mini DV, or DVD:


    -  Regular 8 mm

    -  Super 8 mm

    -  16 mm


 Prints to DVD



Audio Cassettes to Audio Cassettes / Audio Cassettes to CD's


CD's and DVD's

VHS to DVD's



Video Projectors



-  Mini DV

-  8 mm

-  VHS



TV Combo Units (AC/DC):

-  DVD

-  VHS

Sound Systems

Wireless Mics


(6', 7', 8', 10')


Slide and Overhead




LCD TV, 32"



services / repair

 LCD/DLP Video Projectors



-  Mini DV

-  8 mm

-  VHS

-  VHS-C


TV/VCR Combination


LCD and Plasma TV'S


Large Screen Projection TV'S



-  VHS

-  8mm

-  3/4"

-  Mini DV

-  Betamax


contact us

 303 792-3501

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